New Zealand Culture

A diverse Pacific Culture Influenced by our Natural Outdoor Wonderland!

New Zealand Culture has evolved from a mix of cultures, each bringing their own interesting cultural aspects to New Zealand life.We are informally known as Kiwis - the rare New Zealand native bird that cannot fly!

The Maori Culture is an integral part, and Maori traditions, language and culture are stronger now than they were 20 years ago.

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Immigration Influences

However, with immigration, we now also have quite a mix of global cultures. This brings festivals celebrating Diwali – Indian New Year, Chinese New Year, Pacific Island Festivals, and a host of other festivals and entertainment, each culture wants to hang on to.

Migrants do tend to congregate in the warmer northern climes, so Auckland is a very different city to the more southern cities.

Here in Auckland , some schools can have over 70 different cultures represented. While that brings its problems, it has also changed the face of New Zealand from even ten years ago.

For example, you can will find a wide range of ethnic cuisine.

We call our Country ........."GodsZone"

New Zealanders are generally what we call – “laid back”. We love casual, outdoor lifestyles where water sports and activities play a big part and define us as a nation.

BBQ’s and dining al Fresco is the norm in summer. We used to be accused of having a "she’ll be right, Jack" attitude. In others words............. a little too laid back for our own good! I don’t really think that exists for most, these days.

New Zealand Culture is About the Outdoors!

We excel at yachting, kayaking, fishing, windsurfing , rowing – water sports! That is not surprising since no one lives more than about 150 kilometers from a beach. The mountains, rivers and bush are all much loved and well used. For some, hunting and fishing are their lives.

Yet we have just won Olympic medals for cycling, and one young Korean -New Zealander, just beat Tiger Woods long held record for being the youngest to win the US Open Golf Championship!


Many of us love to tramp the bush tracks, climb the mountains and try some of the many extreme sports we are so lucky to have on our doorstep. Tourists come and want to try these things too.

If you plan on tramping you should own this -

Maps of Walking Tracks in New Zealand

New Zealand Culture is about innovation and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, we often do not have the funds to develop the ideas and they go offshore. But many activities that are now popular internationally have come from this small entrepreneurial country.

Hamilton Jetboats and Bungy Jumping are two examples.

New Zealander's Are A Friendly Lot

New Zealanders are generally friendly...........forgive me if you come across a grumpy one. I did say generally! Many a tourist has commented on the help, generosity and friendliness of the people they have met as they travel the country.

Safety Means The Usual Precautions Are Required

However, I am not going to say we are free of the usual safety issues today’s society generally has to be prepared for. Tourists taking the usual safety measures, is imperative.

That includes not just looking after personal possessions but being careful for your personal safety. Enjoy all we have in this gorgeous country , but do your research so you know about safety on the beaches , lakes, and rivers. In the mountains, and the bush. On our roads, and in whatever you choose to do on your holiday.

Several of these New Zealand Holiday Articleswill be useful for information on New Zealand, including safety in the water, driving, and generally.

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A Little Bit of Kiwi............ New Zealand Culture from the past to amuse you.

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